Die Die Die

Couch grass is EVIL. Accept it…! It must be burnt, it must die, die, die, die, die, die. And then die some more. Couch grass die with all its family, its cousins, distant aunts, uncles, its nieces, nephews, and step-sisters (if it has any). Goodbye!

9 Comments on “Die Die Die

  1. So, couch grass would be your ‘Ace of Spades’ in the war on terra? Show no mercy!

  2. Couch grass will take over the world. I have heard that after a nuclear explosion couch grass could well be the only living thing left and I believe it. If only science could genetically engineer slugs to eat only couch grass. Dream on.

  3. Just starting out on this veg lark and (dare I say it) am completely unaware of couch grass… is this a hidden demon that is waiting in the wings to torment me?