Week 5

Wow what a weekend! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the allotment was swimming with new people checking out their plot for the first time this year. Invariably, they would shake their heads and tut loudly, and curse the soil that mocked them with a brand new batch of weeds. Not so at mtp because the weeds are cleared (at last!). The couch grass is gone and the battlelines have been drawn. I must admit we got a few raised eyebrows regarding our proposed layout but hey…don’t forget mtp commandment number one ‘your plot must look pretty as well as
feed your tum.’

2 Comments on “Week 5

  1. I think your commandments are an inspiration to all. As is the site of your allotment! what a view of the hills around you! Funnily enough, the view from my garden and vegetable plot is of allotments.
    I did spend all the weekend making it look nice though, and I heartily agree that it must look good as well as provide the goods. Although one of the tasks of my plot is to grow peas and beans so tall that they block all sunlight from the witch’s windows in the flat below me.

    Maybe it should look good, make food, and do my dirty deeds too.

  2. Yep, I’m another devotee of the pretty as well as functional brigade – though we still have a very long way to go before our plot heads in that direction. I’m very envious of your weed-free plot. Any time you fancy heading to Birmingham and working your magic here is fine by me!