Fruit Patch

We’re continuing with the opening up of the former fruit patch and we’re about half way there (when I say we, of course I mean Ryan). The plan is to leave most of the bushes intact but to remove some strategic specimens to create lovely wide beds that will house the big stuff next year, such as sweetcorn, pumpkins, and main crop potatoes – leaving mtp free for the more delicate crops such as salad leaves. We already have a line of very successful summer raspberries but I plan to add an ‘even more successful’ line of autumn raspberries – I’m thinking Autumn Bliss (or the variety that Monty was talking about last week Joan something). We’ll also be extending our fruiting bush portfolio into the blackberry market, either Oregon Thornless or Bedford Giant if I’m feeling adventurous. Maybe even dabbling in a few blueberries – we’ll see how the funds go.

5 Comments on “Fruit Patch

  1. Yes – that’s where I’m proposing we put the toilets. Buldoze that old thing and put a nice toilet block there – maybe even some showers. What do you think chairman?

  2. Toilets, showers, sauna and steamroom. Of course, rents might have to go up just a fraction…

  3. We visited Oregon this summer and had our fair share of wild blackberries there- yum!!

  4. Hey Kristin – as you can see I’m putting your brother to good use!
    Nice legs huh?