French Beans and Tomato Puree

Headed up to mtp to start the big winter dig. I had sown some green manure a couple of weeks ago (mustard seeds) and cut it down to lay flat on the bed to die down. I dug that in some more. Also I lifted the last of the potatoes and trundled off to the manure heap that has been quietly festering all year. It’s all good stuff, well-rotted and full of worms. I loaded up the wheelbarrow and trundled back – nearly came a-cropper while navigating the corner – and dumped it square in the middle of the bed. Yummy… For now though we are mostly eatiing….French beans. I tried a recipe that I think I saw once on TV which involves boiling the beans, draining them then mixing them with some tomato puree, a bit of olive oil, seasoning and a chopped chili. It works!

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