It’s All Coming to an End…

Is it just me or has everything slowed down to a humid drone? I go to mtp every couple of days, do a bit of weeding, a splash of watering, cut a few things for the basket-of-plenty and head off home to spend the day in the kitchen, pickling, chopping, washing, eating… It’s like the summer will never end. Even my artichoke plant has poked it wee-tiny head up (even if I did have to chop it off). Ominously though, Clive my next door (plot) neighbour rocked up the other day, leaned on his spade and said the following: “Ah…it’s all coming to an end now…!” My stomach turned “Nooooo!” I felt like yelling, “that simply can’t happen. Clearly, my tomato plants will carry on producing tiny gems for ever, the lettuce bed will always be full to brimming with more crispy leaves than a normal human being can consume and mtp’s beds will never be empty again.”
Deluded, I know.

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5 Comments on “It’s All Coming to an End…

  1. It feels weird seeing the summer nights draw in and the crops getting older and more slug-eaten. This is my first year of growing veg, and I really feel like I’ve watched the season pass by properly, but now I’m like a schoolkid mourning the death of the summer holiday. It’s a sad time.

  2. Yes it’s my first year too! – and I feel so in touch with nature (sounds cheesy but it’s true). It’s great.

  3. Carina you’re right – we should look to next year! I can’t wait to get started again and we haven’t even finished yet. Today I harvested a huge basket of potatoes, beans, toms, courgettes, peppers, and gherkins. So we’re not done yet!

  4. Surely we need to think about winter veg?

    I’ve just about got the hang of cucumbers , lettuce and tomatoes – I’m now looking forward to cabbages, onions, parsnips …