My Tiny Toolbox

I took a picture of what has now become my toolbox (it’s actually an old seed tray). As you can see I have all the vital items in there. A carrot-shaped box to hold my seed packets (thanks Ryan’s Dad), some scissors, bits of old string and weed surpressing fabric (just incase a rogue weed should appear), suntan lotion, peas and beans (donated by David) and car keys. Perfect! There are no actual tools in the mtp toolbox as they live in their homes scattered around mtp (ready for use at any given moment). Tell us what’s in your toolbox – or better still send me a picture.

3 Comments on “My Tiny Toolbox

  1. i only have a scalpel, twine and seeds in my toolbox… actually its not a toolbox, its a catlitter (unused) box. we make do with what we have :) all the important tools are scattered (un)convinently across the plot!

  2. I love the carrot-shaped box, very funky. Like argus I use an old cat litter tray as well as empty chocolate fingers tins and plant pots. I’m not very organised but I usually know where to find things.

  3. ha… that’s funny that we all have our own ‘tray’ of goodies that we carry around. The carrot box came with carrot shaped chocolates in it for Easter last year. As soon as I saw it I knew it would someday be a seed box. It’s as if it was made for that purpose :)