Week 12

This week has been pretty slow on mtp. Apart from the fact that Ryan and I were away this weekend on ‘bonafide’ minibreak in Stratford (and to watch this– it was amazing). The main reason is the weather, it’s so unpredicatable. Tonight I had planned to spend some time at the plot watering, weeding and sowing but the torrent of rain stopped me leaving the house. Instead, I have to be content with looking at pictures of my lettuce which are growing nicely. I had seven or eight germinate in a glump (I mean clump obviously!) and so carefully broke them apart and replanted them a few inches from each other in a neat line. The Snowball turnips have germinated (it seems) over night and the gooseberries are getting fatter each day.
I had a minor disaster with some small aubergine plants though. I put them out before I went to work to harden off (planning to take them in tonight) and by the time I got home they were all dead! Rats… Good job I have some more to replace them with. Next week will be more productive. It has to be otherwise we won’t have any veg come July!

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