The Inspectors…

The inspectors arrived, aka my dad and his wife Sue. (gulp) I was nervous that mtp would measure up to their strict standards and that it would pass the series of rigorous tests they had in store – such as: Did I have the correct space between plants (failed). Had I checked for cabbage white caterpillar eggs (passed). Did I know which variety of potatoes I had planted (passed). Could I sucessfully identifying small holes in turnip seedlings as Flea Beetle (failed)
Oh well.. you can’t win them all. Now armed with Dad’s ‘Vegetable Expert’ books (passed on from father to daughter) mtp is sure to pass with flying colours next year!

9 Comments on “The Inspectors…

  1. i went home and saw my parents’ allotment at the weekend, and now I feel very much the youngster again. my plot is nothing compared to their effort. Their knowledge is priceless though, and they do have 20-odd years on me! I’ll have to quiz them about beetles etc. I wouldn’t have a clue!

  2. I think my Dad was itching to have a dig – but alas we had limited inspection time. We had to get on the road to Longleat to see the lions and tigers and er…giraffes!

  3. This is our second year. Last year we new xxxall and just went for it and had great results. This year we have read to many books and it becomes very stressfull, enough compost? rotating plots? to much or to little water? going back to my roots, and just relying on good old common sense, seems much better.

  4. …well I think I’ll still keep Dad’s books in my toolbox just as a back up :)
    What’s your site Jim? It looks interesting but it wouldn’t load…

  5. I am very new to this computer stuff, but our site is a blog which we have called ” Hoe Hoe Hoe ” Hoep that works!

  6. what’s the address Jim – it just goes to http://hoehoehoeblog/ which doesn’t work. Should it have something after it – like .com or

  7. Thanks Jim – I’ll put you on my ‘Gardening blog’ list of links. It’s always nice to see someone who is as crazy about veg as the rest of us! BTW your blog doesn’t allow people who are not using Blogger to post comments. I don’t know if you want it that way or not. But anyway I think there’s a check box somewhere that says – allow comments from all – or something. I don’t know I don’t use Blogger.
    Thanks again!