Week 13

Jobs for this week include:
Sow rest of sweetcorn seeds (in a block 4×3)
Thin out the Perpetual Spinach plants
Space out lettuce plants (as they are all in a clump)
Sow a second bed of peas (Klevedon wonder)
Search for suitable pea sticks
Make fleece guard for carrots (hooray they are actually sprouting!)
Sort out flea beetle problem (post on A4A)
Buy some more strawberry plants
Put dead grass around strawbs (Dad’s idea)
Fertilize (NPK)
Buy a new cucumber plant (to replace my ailing attempts).

2 Comments on “Week 13

  1. i use straw as mulch around strawberries… gives it nitrogen as it decomposes but meanwhile serves as a nice soft bed for fruits and as a weed blocker

  2. Thanks Argus – might give that a try. We have a load of dead grass on our plot so I thought I might kill two birds…as it were…