Week 11

The seed planting production line ground to a halt this week mainly because the weather has been rubbish. The mtp site is a bit exposed and prone to windy conditions so it’s been bitterly cold up there the last few days. I had planned to have all the beds planted with seeds but it wasn’t much fun to hang around up there. Hence the only work I’ve done this week is to frantically water the new artichoke plants in a bid to get them to lift up their heads. Administer protective fleece to the potatoes to help stave off the advancing frosts. And reset the slug traps (beer in jars, which seems to be working as there are now only a few slugs in each jar – compared to the 30 or so I caught in the first night alone). Unfortunately, the frost has nibbled the edges of the potatoes, and only three of the four artichoke plants (mail order, £9 for two) have survived. But hey, I’m happy. At least my lettuce are coming up strong! Anyway, I’m off to mtp in around 20 mins as the weather is beautiful today and there is no wind (or should I say a slight breeze). By the way, there’s still no sign of my carrots (planted around 3 weeks ago). Any ideas? Should I replant or wait a bit longer?

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7 Comments on “Week 11

  1. I planted my carrots over 3 weeks ago I think and they’re still not up… Can’t say if that’s normal or not but at least we’re not alone! lol

    Hope you managed to get done all you wanted today!


  2. Why don’t you just go to Sainsbury’s and buy some carrots? Very reasonable prices. Jamie Oliver says so. ;o)

  3. Ha…. very funny you! – carrots come from the ground these days – didn’t you know? Sainsbury’s is SO last week…

  4. I planted my carrots about two weeks ago now, under a fleece, and they’ve become little seedlings already. I think that’s possibly because I live in sub tropical London though. They are having a little trouble with the big feet of pigeons marching across them, however.

    And as Wayne and Garth would say, if you plant them they will come! Maybe try growing some as plugs indoors to check to see if the seeds are ok?

  5. I put all my seeds in the ground (schoolgirl error number one). Ah well. I think I’ll try to plant some more next week. There is one plus point if I plant them late they might miss the carrotfly invasion!

  6. late planting is good for avoiding carrotfly, which have a very short breeding season.

    Not sure that plug planting really works – carrots hate to be disturbed, so you’d have to be very careful

  7. Thanks NV – my plan is to replant them (in situ) but on a bed of lovely, fluffy compost.