Week 4

The weather was gorgeous this weekend – perfect gardening weather you might say, if a bit misty in the mornings as you can see here. Ryan and I were up at my tiny plot by 10am on Saturday and hard at work digging over the last of the lower beds. Then we made a start on the manure pile (which is riddled with couch grass like everything else on mtp). With the help of David’s wheelbarrow we made a good start on it. I also dug over the seed bed where the cold frame will go. And later on put some manure around the fruit bushes to protect them from the weed killer we’re about to unleash on the grassy bits next week. But what about being organic I hear you say! Hmm… I’m all for organic growing but err.. maybe once we’ve exterminated all the weeds, yeah? Met some more of the neighbours this week. Clive – who prefers chicken manure to horse and hates anyone stamping on his clean paths and Claire who laughs a lot.

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