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Greenhouse Chic

Just a few more photos from Chelsea. Predictably, there were lots of greenhouses there. They were all stunning but what I found interesting was the different ways in which they had been decked out inside. Some were treated as hothouses with Lemons and Oranges.

Others were more traditional with a patriotic twist for the Jubilee.

This one had a handy little portable potting station that could be moved around the greenhouse. I could see this being very useful.

I particularly liked this one with its vintage ephemera. Impractical maybe but it looks great on display.

And I liked the way all the tools were hanging on hooks from the bottom of the shelf.


My Favourite Garden Notebooks

A recent forum thread on UKVG about what gardeners would like this Christmas (thanks Damo) got me thinking about all the lovely stuff there is out there for gardeners. I decided to put together a little shopping list of different things that I find beautiful.

I thought I would start off with a selection of my favourite garden notebooks, so here goes:

    1. One for the kids. I just love Rosie Flo’s colouring books and this one is for little gardeners with big ambitions. Not exactly a notebook but great for getting little gardeners off the starting blocks! £5.99

    2. RE is one of my favourite shops and this collection of black and white recycled notebooks are available for just £2.50 each.

    3. Feed your inner twitcher with this Blue Tit notebook by illustrator Melanie Anne Green being sold on the UK’s answer to Etsy, Folksy. A bit more than the average at £7 but worth it for it’s handmade appeal.

    4.This chunky notebook with its cute cover-phrase, Turn Over a New Leaf, is a great buy at only £9.50. And each page is printed with a different leaf too.

    5. My personal favourite out of all the notebooks here (because I love Angie Lewin’s designs!), it’s a gorgeous new notebook for gardeners from a series of books which includes sketchbooks, cookery notebooks and address-books. A steal at £6.95

    6. This handmade notebook is called Shoots and is designed by Alison Hardcastle in recycled paper. It’s £8.50

I hope you like my notebook links. I want to make it clear that these aren’t paid for or affiliate links. They’re just stuff that I like. And I’m sure there are tons of other notebooks that are just as nice, I just haven’t seen them yet so feel free to add some more links in the comments.


Good Growing Guides

I just love these little Growing Guides from Fennel & Fern. They are pocket-sized cards that give you a quick-reference guide to growing popular vegetables like, Sweetcorn, Broccoli, Tomatoes and Chard.

There are 26 in all and they are free to download. Much better than carrying around heavy gardening books. What a great idea!


Making Labels, Monica-style

So I was sent this totally cool label maker back in October last year. As you know in Autumn there’s not really much sowing going on so I only managed to break it out of its box earlier this year. I did look at its crazy-looking interface and it did cross my mind that it might be a little complex for My Tiny Plot’s needs. But actually, as it turns out, I was wrong. If it’s growing then I’ve made a label for it.

I do love my wooden seed tags. And I do like to give my garden that ‘Victorian kitchen garden’ look. Call me old-fashioned but that’s the way we roll here. So I’ve found that I don’t use the printer to make labels for the main garden. But what I do use it for is to label all the seedlings in my coldframe, indoor sowings, and in the seed bed. And it’s brilliant!

It works like a typewriter, you type in the type of vegetable and then the variety. You can even opt to date stamp everything if you like. Then you choose a text size and hit the print key. The label comes out as a sticker and you can then add it to all kinds of different plant labels: the stick it in the soil type or even the wrap it around a branch type that you get on fruit trees.

And…I’m sorry to say that the poor old label maker has spent the whole Winter in my dark and damp potting shed but it still functions! I was actually in shock when I switched it on.

The printer itself is quite affordable (£24.95 ex VAT) but it looks like the plant labels are quite expensive (similar price!). You could cut up a milk bottle to make strips of plastic and stick the labels to that I suppose.

Anyway, in an effort to be transparent I will say that I’m not being paid to say this – although I think I should :) But the printer was sent to me for free. And hey, if you get something for free then you’re always a bit more inclined to like it aren’t you.

Anyway, I thought I’d let you see my new toy and ask you how you label up your seedlings?


RHS Fruit & Veg Prints

I was sent a link today from the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society for those outside the UK). It was a list of things to buy for Mother’s Day (March 14th). They included things like gardening show tickets and memberships but what caught my eye were these, absolutely gorgeous prints of fruit and vegetables.

I heart the RHS but I had no idea that they sold these. They are the most beautiful I’ve seen.

There are tons to browse and these are just my favourites. And, yes I would definitely like to get one for Mother’s Day!


RC-1 Rain Collector

I love it when people take something that is universally U-G-L-Y and make it better. We spend so much time in our gardens – what makes manufacturers think that we want to look at a hunk of green (or black) plastic where our water butt must go?

We don’t. We want to look at this beautiful creation instead. It’s not a water butt, it’s a rain collector. Therein, lies the difference.

I want one!