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My Lovely Patch of England


This is what my greenhouse looks like now. It’s finally finished and I can get in there and start to sow some seeds. Yey! I have some heated growing mats, seed trays and a box full of seeds all ready to go.


My union jack bunting looks right at home as does my Borough Market trough and Haws watering can. It’s my tiny patch of England.


These before and after shots show how the plants are settling in around the greenhouse. And how the brick base mellows the look quite significantly.



Greenhouse Beginnings

A very inauspicious beginning to my beautiful greenhouse. These concrete slabs will eventually be lovely, brick walls. And the greenhouse on top of them will blend seamlessly in to its surroundings.

Unlike this base which seems to be the antithesis of lovely right now. One day it will be as gorgeous as this.