Herb Garden

Yesterday I planted up a small herb garden. A pot-bound lavender and an old rosemary bush from the garden at home found their way to mtp. I expect they’ll be much happier in the open ground rather than stuffed in pots on the (tiny) deck at home. So they went in. Also some small Thyme […]

Snail War…

Right that’s it, now it’s Snail War. They may be soft, stripey and kinda cute sometimes but no-one dines for free at Chez MTP. The six cabbage plants I put in have been mercilessly munched into oblivion by slimey invertibrates. Something has to be done. They have to die, that much is clear, but by […]

Week 10

Hoorah! We’ve finally finished marking out all the beds and the pathways – Holy biscuits, that was a mission! Now its time to sit back with a smug beer in hand and survey the work. Just look at the difference. We’ve been working like miners all weekend (I have the sunburn to prove it!). First […]