Week 10

Hoorah! We’ve finally finished marking out all the beds and the pathways – Holy biscuits, that was a mission! Now its time to sit back with a smug beer in hand and survey the work. Just look at the difference. We’ve been working like miners all weekend (I have the sunburn to prove it!). First we finished off the beds, then we cut some weed-supressing fabric to fit the shape of the pathways. We nailed it into place as it was quite windy and then dumped the wood chips over the top. As we ran out of chips near the end Ryan scooted off to buy some more which as it turned out were not quite the same as the rest. I think the two-tone effect is quite charming!
We can hardly believe it’s happened in just under 10 weeks. Now we can get down to the dirty business of growing some plants. Stay tuned…

6 Comments on “Week 10

  1. Wow, what a great job you’ve done! You should be really chuffed, that looks like a lot of back breaking work to me!

    Wish I was done with my digging, but I have at least another 2 months of it if not more!

    Well done, can’t wait to see it with plants growing!


  2. Thanks Anna – we took your advice with the fabric. Let’s see if it works!
    No sign of my mail order artichokes yet though – the beds are ready and waiting…

  3. The plot looks beautiful – sort of Elizabethan. It’s almost a shame that you have to put plants and things into it.

  4. yes Elizabethan – I like that. Maybe we can research what vegetables they grew back then. Probably not many. They just ate meat I guess!

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