Tomato Salad Dressing

The tomatoes are ripening – at last! They needed a bit of help. Basically I had been a bit lazy. I’d let them run amock in the strawberry patch, which meant that several things happened. 1. we had no strawberries because they didn’t have enough light and were overrun with slugs and 2. the toms […]

Basket of Plenty

Whenever I go up to mtp for a bit of a potter around I always come back with armfuls of vegetables that I never intended to pick. I say to Ryan, I’m just popping out to do some watering and when I arrive at the plot I find that the cucumber that was about two […]

First Sweetcorn

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday – and how miserable it is today. Oh well. We had a BBQ at the weekend in honour of the first sweetcorn to emerge from mtp. There were only two ready and despite there being three of four earwigs homing inside them (which Ryan fed to our resident […]

Green Manure

Okay we’re back in the world of gardening. I’ve planted some green manure in the old potato bed. I went for mustard greens as I had heard (can’t remember where) that other seeds are a bit of a pain to get rid of once they start to grow. So, the green manure is in, and […]


Today I went up to the plot and started to dig over the fruit bush area (previously riddled with weeds). I successfully dug a small patch when the heavens opened – mainly on me. So, damp and dejected I trundled off home. But what to do on a Saturday afternoon when Ryan is working and […]

Week 21

Week 21 is all about onions. Now that I have the plaiting down to a fine art I plan to harvest the majority of my onions this weekend. I’m not sure how many I have. Too many is the answer but as you can store them that doesn’t really matter. I’ll estimate I have around […]


All the Dahlias are out now on the plot and they look really great against all the green of the vegetables. There are so many that I decided to capture some for my own purposes to brighten up the windowsill at home. They’re so intricate, I never tire of looking at them and they seem […]

Garlic Harvest

All the garlic came up yesterday. Most it had fallen over and was terribly rusted but when I pulled it up all the bulbs were nice and fat and had split nicely. They’ve pretty much been in the ground since February so that seems like enough time. However, I think I’ll put the new ones […]