Planting Cauliflowers

I planted my Cauliflowers today. I sowed them with the tomatoes back in March and now they are about 10cm high. Because we have a walled garden the temperature is a little higher inside than outside so it’s totally safe to plant out Cauliflowers. I watched a show once where they suggested mixing lime with […]

Sowing Parsnips

Honestly, I haven’t had that much success with Parsnips in the past. I have either sown them too early (no germination) or too late (very small Parsnips). Or slugs have eaten them, or they have just plain failed. This year I’m trying again and hoping that now my garden is literally on my doorstep that […]

10 Jobs for April

Now that the tulips are in full swing here’s 10 other things you can be getting on with this month. Start sowing in earnest with Kale, Parsnip, Carrots and Broadbeans directly into the ground Finish planting new fruit bushes Put up your bean poles Transplant tomato seedlings to individual pots. Still keep them inside Plant […]

Potting on Tomatoes

It’s time to replant the Tomato seedlings that I put in the heated propagator a few weeks ago. I’m growing two cherry tomatoes (Sub Arctic, and Gardeners Delight) and one standard variety (Robin). I may also buy some yellow variety tomato plants later on from the garden centre. I always end up with more tomatoes […]

Kelvedon Wonder Peas

If, like me, you sowed some peas in guttering in the cold frame then now’s the time to put them in the ground. They’re pretty frost hardy and so should be able to cope with just about anything (even snow in April!). Don’t forget to water them before you attempt to slide out the seedlings […]

Jackson Lee

It was quite a nice day on Sunday, sun was shining, the air was warm, I had plans to put some lettuce seeds in and maybe plant my nice new Blackberry bush. You know, as you do. But then this happened and well, I didn’t have time to do the Blackberry bush but I did […]