Scary Mary Cupcakes

Jackson is going to his first ever Halloween party tomorrow – we’re both very excited. Apart from scooping out the traditional pumpkin lantern we made these little treats. We’re calling them Scary Mary cupcakes. They’re scary because they’re a new type of spider that may have only six, sometimes five legs! A true freak of […]

Thanksgiving Harvest

It’s that time of year again. I just love to grow pumpkins. They’re so interesting. All the different shapes, colours and different knobbly bits to look at. They’re amazing. This year I grew Turks Turban pumpkins and I have just brought in the last of them. Some of them haven’t reached full size so I […]

Real Bunting

Occasionally, very occasionally, I actually do something else apart from gardening. Today, I’m making some ‘real’ red and blue bunting for my, usually clad in red and blue, boy.¬† Everybody¬†wants ‘real’ bunting these days (ie made out of fabric instead of plastic). The shops are full of it. It feels very forties, wholesome and makes […]

10 Jobs for October

The cold weather has started to set in. It’s misty in the mornings and usually cold and damp until the sun breaks through. October is a time for harvest and tidying up. Don’t be too neat though – why not leave the odd Sunflower head for the birds. They’ll appreciate it. Bring in the last […]

Leeks Ready for Harvest

I’ve been away for the last week at a web conference and I haven’t had two minutes together to post anything here – how’s that for irony? But I’m back now and what a joy it was to come home to see that my little clutch of leeks are now ready for harvest. I can […]

Seed Saving

I’ve started to do a bit of basic seed-saving, Carole Klein style. If we’re being completely honest we’re a bit spoiled these days aren’t we?. Garden centres are everywhere and usually open 7 days a week and even the supermarket has at least one carousel of cheap seeds. All very convenient and brilliant for those […]