What to Grow in the Shady Bit

I’m asked on a regular basis what to grow in the shady part of a vegetable plot so I thought it was about time I wrote a post on the topic. So here goes. Firstly, you’re not alone in wondering what the heck to grow in the shady bit of the garden. Most of the […]

The Dead-Easy Guide to Planting Onion Sets

This is the Dead-Easy Guide to Planting Onions Sets – like it says in the title. Step One: Apply general fertilizer, rake it, water it, leave it. Step Two: Firm it down with a nice little welly shuffle. Step Three: How far apart to plant them? – oh about ye far. Step Four: Then walk […]

Isn’t Rhubarb Weird?

I mean, there aren’t many vegetables that look like brain when they are just emerging in early Spring, but yes Rhubarb is one of them.

How to Make a Peach Frame

Since I’m attempting to grow outdoor Peaches in the UK I deemed it time to make a Peach frame. I can just about see tiny specs of pink inside┬ásome of the buds and that means that the tree is getting ready to flower. If we get a spate of mild weather and the flowers open, […]

Time to Prune Autumn Raspberries

It’s time to prune your Autumn-fruiting Raspberries, among other jobs for February. Autumn raspberries fruit on this year’s growth so now is the time to cut them back down to ground level in order to encourage new shoots for the Spring growth. It’s a great way to neaten up the garden too at this time […]

The View From MTP

I can hardly believe that it’s snowing – here in the South West of England – the sunshine state! Of all places. It hardly ever snows here. We probably get a light smattering, perhaps (if we cross our fingers and wish to the big snowy one in the sky) once a year. But nothing you […]