My Gardening Bible

Quite a few people have been asking me about my reference to Percy Thrower, and that fact that I use his book ‘In Your Garden’ as my sowing and planting bible. So I though I would make a post dedicated to Percy. The book is old! It was first printed in 1959 but I think […]

Getting Organised

I’ve cleared out my seed box, cleaned it out and put everything back sorted into which month they need to be sown in. It feels good to be this organised at the beginning of the seed sowing season. It’s pretty difficult to put seeds into the months they are sown in because most seeds have […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winner

The ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Photo Mission is over and it’s time to choose the winner. The quality of photos this time was AMAZING. I was truly wowed by some of the photos. You guys are good! But after some deliberation I chose the photo above, of some snow covered Kale, as the winner. It’s […]

How to Make a ‘No-Lard’ Bird Feeder

My Dad is always nagging me to feed the birds. I’ve always resisted because, well, enticing the poor little mites into the garden with the promise of food only for them to be then hunted down and eaten by my evil house pets is not my idea of benevolence. But… it is snowing and they […]

More Snow?

At the risk of sounding repetitive mtp has been deluged with more snow! And for the benefit of our friends outside the UK I know it’s just snow and yes I’m getting a bit too excited about it. But honestly, it’s not normal. Not round these parts anyway. I took some photos of the Winter […]

My New Veg for 2010

It’s time to start thinking about buying some seed. I spend weeks researching which vegetables and which varieties I will grow. Most of my decisions are made based on what I’m into eating at the moment. But I always leave room to try out new vegetables that I’ve never grown before. Because my tiny plot […]

Photo Mission: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Ooooh baby, it’s cold outside. We’re having one of the coldest spells we’ve ever had here, with hard frosts at night and lots and lots of snow keeping the landscape looking more wintry than ever. Ahhh just what I like. It’s time to don your bob-hat and brave the cold because it’s photo mission time […]

It’s All Like…

So I’m all like… In my opinion there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a seed catalogue when it’s snowing outside! Okay there is one thing better, snuggling up with a seed catalogue and a glass of wine. But it’s only 2pm after all! What’s your favourite thing to do when the ground is too […]