Photo Mission: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Ooooh baby, it’s cold outside. We’re having one of the coldest spells we’ve ever had here, with hard frosts at night and lots and lots of snow keeping the landscape looking more wintry than ever. Ahhh just what I like.

It’s time to don your bob-hat and brave the cold because it’s photo mission time again!

We’ve got a fab prize waiting for the winner and so it’s any excuse to get out there and snap your freezing veg. That’s right, this mission is all about photographing your veg patch in the grip of Winter. Whether it’s frozen Broccoli, snow-capped Sprouts or icicles on your Leeks, photograph it and send it in to

Here’s some photos I took earlier to get you started. The top photo is mtp after the recent snows. Then my Box hedging – brrrr! The next one down is my Broccoli braving the frosts, the next one is of my Leeks huddling together for warmth.

Take the best photo and you could win 10 (yes that’s 10) boxes of the hottest, newest, brilliantest invention the veg gardening world may have ever seen – Figo. It’s a neat connector that let’s you build your own frames with just normal garden canes. It’s fast and cheap to build things like bean wigwams, netting frames for Brassicas and even fruit cages.

Our friends at Bau Outdoors and Figo have kindly supplied the prize and the competition is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The closing date is next Friday, 15th Jan. Good luck!

10 Comments on “Photo Mission: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Oh Figo! I was just about to invent them myself. Honest. I was considering using rubber balls or tree prunings with holes drilled through them.
    These look just the thing though. Where’s my camera?

  2. The only thing in my garden at the moment is some garlic which I suspect has not got any shoots yet, not that I would be able to see them as they are covered in a good several inches of snow. Love the competition though. Pleeeeease do another later in the year so I might actually have a chance of entering it!

  3. Great idea and great competition. I’ll try to get to my frozen leeks, spinach and celeriac in the morning. We’ve had lots more snow tonight so it might be tricky!

  4. I have a slight problem with taking photos of my veg – the garden currently has about 80cm of snow on it and so nothing will show up. Will try to a take a photo of my polytunnel though, I’ve cleared it everyday and the snow is now half way up the sides of it too.
    Who needs to go to the Alps for snow – just come to the Highlands!

  5. Oh Yea! Just found your blog! I’ve been looking for vegetable garden blogs in Colorado!!!!! Beautiful garden by the way!!! I’ll be marking you as a “favorite”!!!

  6. I got a question MTP!

    is it necessary for the photo to be of ones vegetable’s cos my tomatoes are flowering these days and garlic is all green and healthy…..
    My photo will still reflect winter but not a European one…..
    Please give me a go a head so I could submit ….

  7. Hi Cynthia – what a coincidence, my husband is from Colorado! Welcome to My Tiny Plot.