My Alternate Life in Miami

So I’m in Miami right now. And I’m having a nice time walking to the beach and back, playing in the pool and eating waaay too much French toast with eggs and maple syrup and butter! Infact we were walking back from the breakfast diner today and then we saw it… the place where we […]

Time to Deploy the Peach Frame

My Peach tree is starting to show signs of life. I can just about see some tiny pink flower petals starting to emerge under the deluge of rain we’re having here. It’s time to deploy my Peach frame. So my exposed little Peach tree became… …my protected little Peach tree. I don’t want any nasty […]

Do Potatoes Cross-Pollinate?

I’ve started to chit my Potatoes. As you can see I’ve got a small clutch of a standard variety of first earlies (Rocket) and two rather unusual varieties (Congo and Highland Burgundy Red). The smaller seed Potatoes were given to me while I was on a pruning course last year. I put them in an […]

RHS Fruit & Veg Prints

I was sent a link today from the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society for those outside the UK). It was a list of things to buy for Mother’s Day (March 14th). They included things like gardening show tickets and memberships but what caught my eye were these, absolutely gorgeous prints of fruit and vegetables. I heart […]

Sowing Broadbeans

I sowed some Broadbeans (Aquadulce) a couple of days ago. In the photo you can see that I’m also being wuss-pants and I had my camping heater on to keep me warm! I know, I know. If I was a true gardener and all that. But hey, I don’t want cold fingers and you just […]

Paxton’s Strawberry Crinoline

While snuggled up in front of the fire watching my favourite DVD at the moment, The Victorian Kitchen, I came across something that caught my eye. They mentioned that Joseph Paxton, one time head gardener at Chatsworth, designer and engineer of the Crystal Palace at the The Great Exhibition 1851 and all-round great guy, had […]

Coffee Grounds & Blueberries

I usually throw my coffee grounds in with the kitchen waste and they eventually end up in the compost bin. Yesterday, however, after I’d made my morning coffee I looked at the grounds and thought, I know, I’ll put them on my Blueberries. Why? well mostly because they make the soil look all black and […]

Pruning my Autumn Raspberries

Do your Autumn-fruiting Raspberry canes look like this? Then it’s time to prune them. There’s not a moment to lose. I don’t want to create panic or anything but this really is the time to prune Raspberries if you want a nice big Autumn crop. If you leave it any longer then the plant will […]