10 Great Recipes with Fresh Borlotti Beans

I just managed to get my Borlotti Beans in before the weather turned all wet and soggy (it’s tipping it down outside as I type). I harvested the lot, probably about 25 – 30 pods from one wigwam and only four plants. Apparently, that’s not bad in Borlotti terms as they tend to yield less […]

It’s ‘Apple’ Time of Year

Nothing says, ‘England’ to me like an early Apple harvest. The fresh taste of cold, sweet but a little tart, Apples is the taste of Autumn in our garden. My espalier Apple tree is now on its fourth tier and this year it has produced 33 good-sized eating Apples (last year we had 17). It’s […]

Not One, but Two Sticks!

We just got back from a weekend away at a popular resort in the forest. Yes, we went in the swimming dome and yes we ate pancakes at the Pancake House. But what the whole experience brought home to me is that when you’re two and half ‘everything’ is exciting! And sometimes the most simple […]

Gorgeous Asters

I picked these gorgeous Asters from the garden today. They are from the fairly popular variety ‘Big Boy’. I sowed the seed in early Spring and they have been happily growing all summer. They began flowering about a month ago and boy do they flower? The more I pick the more they sprout. I’m getting […]

Working on Jackson’s Garden #2

I’m currently working on the next book in the Jackson’s Garden series. The first book was received really well and so I’m working on the next story that introduces tiny readers to the merits of bees! It’s not quite finished yet, I still have a few pages left to draw and paint but the story […]

Picking Hazelnuts (Cobnuts)

I picked these Hazelnuts from a tree that over-hangs my garden. The tree isn’t strictly mine (actually it’s not even slightly mine) but my neighbours like me and they said I can have all the nuts I want off the tree. So – mine! I wasn’t sure whether to call them Hazelnuts or Cobnuts. Some […]

Which Tulip Bulbs?

I’m currently shopping for Tulip bulbs online. Last year I grew a variety of tall, single Tulips in different colours. They were all pretty successful and Tulips are the perfect early cut flower since they flower in May (or thereabouts) and then you can lift the bulbs and use the ground for something else. This […]

Late Sowing of Mangetout

I made a super-late (July) sowing of Mangetout this year and they have really done me proud. Much of the main beds (and my Pea sticks) were taken up with an early sowing of Peas this year, but once they had gone over I sowed some Mangetout. I have never sown Peas or Mangetout this […]

Caring for Ripening Melons

Hold the front page – we have two Melons growing in the coldframe. I only noticed them after I came back from a weekend away. I must admit I had given up on the Melons. I planted them waaaay back in May and have been madly trying to pollinate the little blighters since. It seemed […]

More Raspberries – urgh!

More Raspberries….urgh! I can’t cope anymore. As you can see, Jackson has his own ideas but really, I need a recipe and quick. Don’t want to make any more jam, have made Raspberry Pavlova, Raspberry Muffins, and eaten about as much Yoghurt with Raspberries as I can take. Anyone, anyone?