School Gardens

These are the local school’s vegetable gardens. Pretty impressive really. Each class has a patch to tend and it’s lovely to see how different they all are.

Finding Flowers

So I spent about half and hour this morning just walking around the garden and figuring out what’s in the garden. Since, I didn’t plant any of it it’s all a surprise to me. The flower above seems to pop up here and there and I’ve no idea what it is. Does anyone know? There […]

My New Garden

So we made it to Portland – finally. There were some stop offs on the way and immigration to deal with but we arrived late last week and started to settle in. Because there was so much to do in the house it took me a while to really explore the garden. It’s quite big […]

The Big Move

The packers arrived yesterday and proceeded to cover everything in cardboard. There is literally nothing to sit on. The container arrives today.

Cleaning My Stuff

I’m busy cleaning my tools and disinfecting anything that has been left in the garden. Apparently, US customs will be looking for ‘spores’ so my job is to eradicate them. That’s if I want to keep my stuff that is.

New Beginnings

Well, I have some news. I’m moving to America. Quite soon actually. In truth, next Tuesday. We’ve been thinking about it for about a year. My husband is American and so we had begun discussing the possibility of moving to America ever since we got married eight years ago. We thought that we might move […]