Finding Flowers

So I spent about half and hour this morning just walking around the garden and figuring out what’s in the garden. Since, I didn’t plant any of it it’s all a surprise to me. The flower above seems to pop up here and there and I’ve no idea what it is. Does anyone know?

There are a lot of roses. And they seem to be of the bush variety rather than climbers. Most are finished flowering for the year but a few here and there are still doing their thing.

There is also some snow-white Viburnum which I’m warming too.

So I picked what was out there, bunched them up with some Rosemary that I found by the back door and brought them inside. I’ve never been one for looking at flowers in a garden. I like my flowers in a vase. Hmmm… this is maybe why I grow mostly vegetables and fruit.

7 Comments on “Finding Flowers

  1. I have never seen your mystery flower, but they are so unusual and pretty. How fun it must have been to go through and discover your garden, thank you for sharing it!!! Every garden I have had has been a clean slate when I started, or a clean up garbage to garden situation. I have often dreamt about getting to explore a garden like that and then plan how to make it my own. I am excited to see what you do with it.

  2. Hi Tracy, Thanks! I have never heard of that plant. I quite like it. It looks like a fried egg!

  3. You’ll grow to loving the flowers in your garden… and put them in vases. What you call viburnum seems very much like Phlox to me, but than that is based on the flower and not on the whole plant. You are so lucky to have found a place where gardeners have obviously lived for many years if not decades. Count your blessings.

  4. Have you been in touch with Margaret Roach at I’m sure she could help with identifying your plants. All the best!

  5. Must be pretty exciting to look around and try to sus everything out! Have you had much of a thought about what you will to veg-wise in the garden? Or do they have allotments/ community gardens in America in general/ Oregon in particular?

    Best Wishes, Lee

  6. Your mystery plant is a type of Anaphalis. We grow one in our garden which has silvery-white furry leaves which look great against the yellow and white flowers.