Our Tiny Pickling Party

It’s getting to be that time of year when you start to think about how to save as much of your harvest as possible. Right now the Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, and Beans are in abundance. The harvest baskets are overflowing. But keep an eye on the weather. Pretty soon there’ll be a nip in the […]

Truck Farm – a Garden in a Truck

A few nights ago my Master Gardeners group had a movie night at their vegetable demo garden. We slung an old canvas over a frame, rigged up a projector and plonked our camping chairs in the grass. There were treats to share including freshly popped corn and we all settled down to listen to the […]

Definitely Not Uniformly Orange and Spheroid

The Tomato harvest is in and there’s tons of them! This little haul was just one picking last week. There are more ready now. The large black ones are the Black Krim that I’ve been growing in the greenhouse. They taste amazing. Strangely, one of the plants is producing large yellow Tomatoes instead of the […]

How to Spot Curly-Top Virus

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Tomato Curly Top Virus. I was manning the phones at the Master Gardener clinic when during a quiet spell my fellow volunteer pulled out a bag with a sick-looking Tomato plant in it. She said it was her neighbour’s plant and she’d brought it in […]

Purple French Beans

I’ve been harvesting my purple French Beans (also called Bush Beans) and there are tons and tons of them. Once the bushes get to a certain size they just keep pumping out the beans, non-stop. Unfortunately, they don’t stay purple and turn green when you cook them. But they still look amazing on the bush […]