Sad Little Goodbye Peppers

Today I cleared away the Pepper plants and rescued the last little Peppers that were still clinging on. The rain has been very heavy here and my Pepper plants were almost horizontal. Goodbye until next year. So they went in the compost bin and the teeny Peppers came inside. They may or may not be […]

The Moss! Oh The Moss!

The moss, it is a-growing.

When is my Watermelon Ready to Pick?

Good question! You need a long, hot summer and a good location to grow Watermelon but if you’re lucky enough to have that then you may be able to grow Watermelon. The question is, when do you pick? Because after all that hard work you don’t want to spoil it all by picking too late […]

My Tiny Krim or Banana Wonder?

My plants do me a huge favour (because it’s all about me!). They produce lots and lots of seed every year, without fail. They spend their time and energy kicking out an abundance of ‘mini me’s’ and what do I do? I ignore their efforts (for the most part), complain about the price of plants […]

Pulling the Beetroot

Well, my Beetroots have been amazing. I sowed three rows of them and it’s been a bumper harvest. They really are beautiful plants. We bought one of the those little devices that slices things really thinly. And then baked them to make Beet crisps. EVEN the boys ate them. Incredible.

Gathering Onions

The photo of the day is my Onion harvest. They’ve been drying in the greenhouse and are now ready for storing. They are pungent! Super strong and very juicy. Tissues at the ready. Remember to store them in a ‘breathable’ container. Baskets with big gaps are perfect.

The Patty Pans Have Landed

The Patty Pan Squashes have landed. In my garden at least. I love this photo. It’s an optical illusion because they look huge but in actual fact they are only about 4 inches across. They’re cute and oh so snowy white. I love the way that they just appear. One day they are tiny little […]

How to Braid Onions

I just harvested my Shallots. About a two weeks ago I flopped over the tops to begin the drying out process. Last week I dug them and left them on the surface of the soil and now it’s time to prepare them for storage. I usually put them in a woven basket and store them […]

Green (but Ripe) Tomatoes

One of the biggest successes I’ve had this year in the garden is my green Tomatoes, Aunt Ruby’s German Green. They are a big variety producing large, heavy, beefsteak-like Tomatoes. The difference is they never turn red – but they do ripen. Basically, they will turn slightly yellow at the bottom but essentially still be […]

Montgomery – My Garden ‘Helper’

This is Montgomery, or Monty to you and I. Believe it or not he is actually a puppy. He’s a mere 6 months old. No really, he is. He’s a Great Dane and nowhere near fully grown. If you could have the pleasure of watching him ‘help’ me in the garden then you would know […]