Asters in Full Bloom

It’s taken them a while but once the Asters started to flower they really went for it. They are still flowering now, even though the weather has officially gone rubbish. They are a great little cut flower. They take up little room and each plant gives you around 4 or 5 of these gorgeous blooms. They don’t seem to like the whole idea of cut and come and basically die once you have cut them but for a late summer cut flower they are fab. I sowed these back in April with the Cosmos and Hollyhocks. They took quite a lot of looking after (heated propagator, potting on, staking etc) which is how the packet told me to go about it. However, my Dad said that he used to bung a few seeds in once the weather warmed up in May or June and they would soon catch up to the molly-coddled little winter darlings. So next year, I’m going for the easy option! This variety is a new one, Orange Sherbet, even though I would say they are more pink than orange.

11 Comments on “Asters in Full Bloom

  1. Beautiful! I cossetted some seedlings myself, planted them out, they grew a bit then the slugs marmalised em. Fantastic what a year!

  2. I’ve got some of these in my garden, but they’re still about four inches high, and no sign of a bud, never mind a flower. It’s the second time I’ve tried, and I think I’ll give up … except that they look so lovely. Clever you!


  3. Pretty… look like peonies.

    What type are they? For us asters have small spikey flowers. I have never seen such large asters.

  4. Slugs are a problem. I planted these out as small plants which I think helped keep them at bay.

  5. Wow! Gorgeous! Kim’s right, they’re as showy as peony flowers… The only asters we have here are the daisy-shaped flowers about the size of a large-ish coin… What variety are they? I’d love to try to grow some of these, if it’s not too cold here!

  6. Wow, those are gorgreous. I grabbed a packet of seeeds the other day I can’t wait until spring to plant them.

  7. Hi
    love you site – especially for new allotment holder -shame about the frogs I was wondering about a pond
    Any chance you could let me know where to source the asters? I tried google but no good.

  8. Hi Penny,

    I think I got the seeds from Thompson and Morgan – seed merchants in the UK.

    best of luck

  9. Hi
    T&M no longer stock does anyone knw of another source. Just looked at the picky again how fab.
    PS Many congrats on new arrival