Time to Remove the Forcer

I harvested the last of my forced Rhubarb today. It’s time to take the forcer off and let the plant regain its strength. It feels strange to be coming to the end of a crop already when Spring is just beginning but forcing really weakens a plant so I can only do it for a limited period of time.

But wow the Rhubarb has been good. I’ve fallen in love with Rhubarb crumble again. Particularly, Jamie’s Rhubarb and Sticky Stem Ginger Crumble. I’ll be making that this afternoon and serving it hot with creme fraiche tonight. Can’t wait!

17 Comments on “Time to Remove the Forcer

  1. wow, that looks a lovely colour, – I didn’t get round to forcing mine this year, – but should be able to harvest the first lot in a week or so.

  2. having seen yours, I get the idea of how far I can go with mine – I have had one pick and then left the bucket off, but I can see (my rhubarb is very vigorous) I could have put it on earlier, picked more, and left it there longer. Next year…

  3. Thanks for the recipe comes just at the right time as I am going to be harvesting my forced rhubarbs today. Although they look almost too pretty to eat. :-)

  4. I’ve never actually forced any rhubarb before, I’ve only ever had two under performing crowns and I didn’t want to risk losing the crop altogther. However I got a couple of new crowns last year from my Dad and they seem to be doing well so perhaps next year I should try forcing a crown or two…

    Is the taste really that different though, or is it just a case of getting some early?

  5. I’d like to know how the taste varies too, or is it a texture thing? Is it less sharp or sweeter or…? We’ve got a single (tiny) crown of rhubarb that we moved last year, so we might let it settle a bit before forcing, but I’d love to know what the taste difference is.

    Nice post.

  6. It looks fab ! I’m kicking myself now, as I bought a terracotta forcer last year in the sale and I never used it as it looked so lovely in my garden (where there isn’t any rhubarb !!!) I couldn’t bear to leave it on the plot out of sight. I should have used a large black plastic pot up there as others have done. Oh well there’s always next year !!!

    Have a lovely week-end.
    M x

  7. The taste is sweeter – much, much sweeter which means you can add less sugar into a recipe and so really taste the Rhubarb. Recipes made with forced Rhubarb taste more Rhubarby – if you know what I mean. They are also less tough and stringy.

  8. Thanks mtp. I think we’ll have to try that – sounds good. Let’s see how our tiny rhubarb crown does this year.

  9. I picked my first lot of rhubarb last Sunday and made a pie. I love the rhubarb season and look forward to many rhubarb crumbles and perhaps trying some rhubarb and ginger jam this year!

  10. Once you have harvested the forced rhubarb, what happens then? Do you chop it all down? Feed the plant? I have never forced Rhubarb, so keen to know all regarding the ‘after care’…

  11. I harvested mine today but couldn’t wait for the crumble so just stewed it with pears. Oh my goodness….yum yum.

  12. I ate my first stem yesterday raw, no sugar needed!
    I see your blog featured in grow your own magazine, well done!