My Little Strawberry Picker

This here is my little Stawberry picker. He knew when the Strawberries were ripe. He knew before me. He had been watching them all week. And yes there were a few green ones that came into the house ‘Can I eat this Mama?’ ‘Well I wouldn’t – and….” I was about to say and don’t pick any more green ones but he was already gone.

But today – yes! today we picked our bowl full of ripe, red Strawberries and ate them all as fast as we could.

picked vs shop

Not content with having one basket of Strawberries available my little Strawberry picker went to get the punnet of Strawberries that I bought at the shop the day before. I was amazed to see the difference. The store-bought ones were dull, and a little dry looking.

I suppose that’s why we grow our own, right?

4 Comments on “My Little Strawberry Picker

  1. How many strawberry plants do you have?

  2. Wow the strawberries are SO delicious.. How do get the birds to stay away from them? Aww your son is so cute.