The ten million (well nearly) gooseberries that are currently growing on mtp are nearly ripe. I thinned them out about two weeks ago (as per allotment bible) and they’re growing fat day by day. There seems to be two varieties (green and red) – do they taste differently? I must confess I’ve never tasted gooseberries in the raw (I must have had some kind of dessert containing a percentage of gooseberries at one point in my 32 years). I’m looking forward to my first natural gooseberry experience. Anyone have any recipes they can share with me? All I have is gooseberry fool and tart up to now – not very adventurous. I need some recipes that use ‘tons’ of gooseberries because I have ‘tons’ of gooseberries. Jam anyone?

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  1. Cor, you must be chuffed with these results. I don’t know any gooseberry recipes but a friend might – I’ll sound her out!

  2. have just started a ‘plot’ – bit late really but its surprising how much you can get in the ground at this time of year. you can make a rather nice sparkling wine with unripe gooseberries – will send you a recipe if you’re interested. happy gardnin’

  3. Try gooseberry sauce (just cook gooseberries in a little butter) with any oily fish.

    Gooseberry wine – fantastic