Posh Allotmenteering

We are officially the poshest gardeners on our allotments. I don’t know….one sunny day and it’s any excuse to crack open the red and sit back with a nice slice of St Agur on a Carr’s cracker thin. Tom and Barbara would be proud! But seriously why not? The day goes a little something like this. Ryan settles himself on the bench with wine and victuals to hand. Gill does a quick reccie of the area to see what jobs need doing while Ryan reads his book. Gill starts to dig over a new bed (Ryan helps with the occassional heavy bit). Pepper this behaviour with intermittent sit downs, a bite of cheese on crackers and the odd sip of wine and there you have it – the recipe for a perfect day down on mtp. Simple folk, we are.

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3 Comments on “Posh Allotmenteering

  1. Geez, and I am stuck here at work toiling away at the media coalface. Lucky you …

    I hope to be enjoying a glass of something strong later this weekend, provided the weather holds.

    Mmm … Carr’s cracker thins. With mature cheddar. Must stop, I’m beginning to dribble …

    I may even get around to planting out my tomatoes too …

  2. It all sounds sooooo civilised. Fingers crossed the weather will be good tomorrow so we can do some of the same.

  3. Good for you. A well grown vegetable patch is a thing of beauty to be admired and appreciated. You deserve a glass of wine at the end of a hard day.