Peach Tree Not Flowering?

This, above, is a flower bud on a Peach tree.

This, is a leaf bud. One will give you a Peach, the other will give you a leaf. Simple really. Ideally your Peach tree should be displaying some of each right now.

If any of your Peach branches do not have flower buds on them, just leaf buds, then it means that when you prune your tree at the end of the Summer you need to replace that branch with a younger one. You could tie a bit of coloured string round it now to remind you.

Peaches flower on last year’s wood. This can be a new whole branch or a spur (a stubby bit of new growth from an old branch). But they need new growth in order to produce flower buds.

4 Comments on “Peach Tree Not Flowering?

  1. Very interesting post. It’s a subtle difference isn’t it! I don’t have a peach tree, but my apples always confuse me, so it’s good to see what the different buds look like. I Love your Tayberry too – nothing like the sight of something you can’t get in the shops to make me want to rip out my ornamentals and replace them with fruit!

  2. Thanks for these photos as it’s enabled me to spot leaves v fruit on my apples which are just appearing now. I hadn’t noticed the difference before.

  3. Ahhh- this explains a lot. Last year, my BIG peach tree did not produce a single fruit. Frustrated, I hacked into it, put a tree house there and generally cut it down to the space I thought it deserved in my garden (not much).
    Lo and behold, this spring the tree has lots of flowers. Now we just have to wait and see if the bees did their job.