Radish Seedlings Emerging

It seems like a long time since my coldframe has seen any action but I took a look in there today and found these little fellas – some Radish that I sowed about a week ago. Radish are pretty hardy blighters and are usually one of the first things I sow. They come up quickly in most conditions and as such are perfect for kids to grow.

If you grow them undercover in a coldframe for example, not much harm can come to them. They might get munched on by the odd slug but at this time of year they certainly won’t get infested with flea beetle and I find that my first harvest of Radish is normally nigh on perfect (she says, trying not to tempt fate this year!)

This particular variety are French Breakfast, but I quite fancy having a go at some purple ones like this Purple Plum variety.

Anyone got any recommendations on variety or growing tips?

8 Comments on “Radish Seedlings Emerging

  1. I’ve just sowed some Pink Slipper radishes and have a packet of Rainbow Mixed that I’ll sow later. You can’t go wrong with French Breakfast though.

    The Pink Slipper I’ve just put straight in the ground at the weekend… no cover or cold frame. Do you think it’s a bit early for sowing straight in the ground? Or can radishes cope?

  2. I sowed some radish at the weekend into the greenhouse bed, have to admit I didn’t notice what they were but they were from a packet I had last year that showed all kinds of different coloured ones on the picture. I’m looking forward to the seedlings appearing as they’ll be the first thing properly growing in the greenhouse this year. :) Yay!

  3. You’ve just reminded me that the only thing we haven’t sown yet is radishes. We’re sticking with French Breakfast, since they’ve been our favourite so far. Radishes are usually our first crop too, although today I noticed several parsnips growing that must have been left over from last year. The garlic is multiplying too, which is nice.

  4. I sowed some french breakfast and scarlet globe 2 weeks ago, straight into the ground on my allotment plot which is on a south facing hill. They are at the same stage as yours and have taken quite a beating, but the sun has been out for about a week and that’s helping.

  5. I’ve just sown some rainbow variety, I haven’t grown them before so I shall see what they turn out like. I’ve heard a lot about French Breakfast, so I may try those next year, are they mild?

  6. I love the way the French Breakfast radishes look and I like that they are not round, but oblong, which for me, makes for better snacking.

    I want to try growing watermelon radishes. I tried last year and didn’t have any luck.