Tayberry Sprouting

My Tayberry is sprouting. The leaves on it are much, much bigger than the leaves on my Blackcurrant, Red currants and White currants. Which surprises me as my Raspberries have yet to show.

Tayberries fruit on last year’s growth so I’m hoping that the stems that were left behind when I pruned it are the right ones. This year I think I will prune it as I harvest the fruit so as not to confuse the stems. I also forgot how very, very prickly my Tayberry is. It’s almost viscous!

But it’s nice to see it coming to life again. The fruit we had from it last year were so… gorgeous, they didn’t even make it to the kitchen. They were eaten on the spot. They’re that kind of fruit. Others are cherry Tomatoes, Peas, Raspberries and Strawberries. They all seldom make it inside the house too :)

9 Comments on “Tayberry Sprouting

  1. When you prune, how far back do you trim each branch?

    I’m expecting my first blackcurrants this year, my first soft fruit! And I am a total novice about it. Any advice?

  2. Lovely pictures. :)
    I noticed my blueberry sprouting some leaves last time I had a peak, it’s so nice to see them waking up after the winter, feels like the growing year is really starting… :)

  3. I think tayberries may have to go on our list of new things to try, they sound delicious. Megan…we planted our first blackcurrants last year and the information we got from our supplier (Blackmoors) is that you do not need to prune them the year after planting. Thereafter, you remove about a third of the old wood and cut some of the shoots down to soil level.

  4. Blackcurrants, I prune about a third to ground level taking out dead wood and trying to leave the bush open so that air can circulate. In August, you can push these prunings into the ground to make a new bush. They take very easily. we are on clay and do very little to our bushes. They seem to thrive on neglect.

  5. Need advice: got my frozen blackcurrants out of the freezer to make your “no bits jelly recipe” last week. My second year of getting berries off my single bush. 900g (6 1/2c.) of berries. I strained the berries and found the strained skins had tiny white worms ! I read in an old gardening book I have they are “berry worms” common in currants. Anyone have this problem? My son-in-law says not to worry about it, it is common. I do not want to use pesticides on my food plants. Any comments would be MUCH appreciated. I have a quart of beautiful juice, not happy about throwing it out… portland,oregon

  6. My gooseberry bushes seem to be shooting, as well as my raspberry canes. Never seen tiny white worms before in my blackcurrants. But I have had a horrible orange fungus in the branches which have died, so I pruned them out, they need to be burned. Otherwise my blackcurrants look fine.

  7. once more about the worms,then I’ll let it go….the bush was beautiful. The berries were plump,shiny black, they were beautiful. The worms (3/8″) were inside! I didn’t see them at all until I opened up the cheese cloth. “Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening” Rodale Books 1959 described them “Berry worm. A small white worm,a sort of maggot,sometimes infests the fruit of currants and gooseberry. It is believed that the eggs are laid in the fruit and the worms feed inside the immature berry. For control pick and destroy all infected fruit,leaving no berrys on the bushes or the ground.” I am going out today to prune the bush and I am going to move it about 40 feet away. Ok I am done, if anyone knows about this,l would love hearing.

  8. Hello Hello,

    Right, my raspberries canes have just started sprouting in London. A new experiment for us this year. I’m not entirely sure of the variety but they have been planted in a giant zinc planter to try and keep them under control.

    I’ll be comparing notes with you :-)