Pear Blossom and the Fruit Loop

At the weekend we drove out to see the Pear blossom in an area called the Fruit Loop near here. It’s where all the fruit farms are. There is mile after mile of fields that look like this. I was in heaven! It’s so interesting to see how gnarled the trees are and also how closely they are planted. The rows are far apart because they need to get a tractor down there but the actual trees couldn’t have been more than six feet away from each other. Incredible.

pear blossom

7 Comments on “Pear Blossom and the Fruit Loop

  1. Greetings from Buffalo, NY!

    I love your picture. I guess I think it rains a ton in Portland and don’t necessarily think of beautiful blossoms.

    But most people just think it snows here, ironically, it’s down pouring rain here!

    I love Bath, England!!! How nice =)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pear orchard, at least not with trees pruned for production. Beautiful flowers!

  3. Stunning. Ive seen apple orchards like this but never a pear orchard. I want to live in Fruit loop territory :)

  4. I want to live in the Fruit Loop too. Shall we buy a farm together :)

    Laura – funny EVERYONE I meet thinks it rains constantly in Portland. It does not. Little known fact – it does not rain at all from beginning of July to mid September. That’s why I’ve had to have expensive irrigation put in, to keep my garden alive!

  5. Wow, does that ever look scenic! I bet the Fruit Loop smells amazing, too