Crimson Clover Cover Crop

Try saying that after a few glasses of wine!

The Crimson Clover that I sowed back in October is finally flowering. And it looks beautiful. I know that some have warned against letting it flower but I really couldn’t resist. The flowers are so – red wine!


I think it looks so amazing as a lush green, almost hedge in the kitchen garden.


I chopped back half of it last month to make room for some plantings.


And it even looked good way back in October when it just got going. Up to now I’m impressed with Crimson Clover as a cover. Ask me again in a couple of months if I still like it :)

4 Comments on “Crimson Clover Cover Crop

  1. I’m in a rage now, haha. Try saying after wine?! I’m totally sober but have permanent double vision – that was a nightmarish title. Had to cover over the words and reveal them one at a time. Grrr, it is pretty though xx

  2. Oh that does look lovely. I tried mustard for the first time last winter, but it didn’t look half as good as yours and it’s taken ages to break down (but I think I left it in too long).
    What awful thing is going to happen by letting it flower?

  3. Well Leafy, there is potential for it to go to seed and then apparently it’s difficult to get rid of. I say, worth it though!

  4. The flowers are such a pretty shade of crimson! And probably good for the bees too. I grow a perennial clover Trifolium rubens between the fruit trees in my edible forest garden for its nitrogen fixing properties, but it also doubles as a cut flower :-)