Sunburst Pattern – Lettuces & Kale


The sunburst pattern bed is coming along nicely. The onion sets have all sprouted despite each one being pulled out by birds several times. I have planted out Lettuce (Little Gem) and Kales that I seeded in my greenhouse. And along the back fence I sowed some Calendula to provide a backdrop to the planting. They are just starting to germinate. Where the string line and canes are I have sowed Spinach, and other varieties of Lettuce. It has been very wet here and the slugs are out in force so I’m crossing my fingers that I get a full complement of plants here.

Compared this to a month ago and you can see that a lot has changed.


11 Comments on “Sunburst Pattern – Lettuces & Kale

  1. This is simply delightful! Our dream on day is to have a home with a big garden that contains our Lottie :) I would be so happy if it looked like this, love the simplicity and artistry. Keep it up xxx

  2. What a great idea! It’s going to look beautiful when it’s fully grown. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog, it makes me want to move to Oregon (I’m currently in Australia). Can’t wait for your children’s book to be available as well, it looks like a great gift for people I know!

  3. ..Oh, stop playing with your food!!!!.. (It’ll look lovely..

  4. Looks brilliant. You’ve done that sorf of thing before haven’t you. Remember how impressive that wss.

  5. This is a beautiful idea – Just imagine how beautiful it will look when all of them have fully grown and the colors have all popped. Seriously looking forward for the progressive pictures! Please keep us all up to date with this project. Keep up the brilliant work, such an inspirational blog.

  6. This idea is awesome, i also am beginning my own vegetable patch so this blog has helped me out big time. Your idea’s are so creative. Can i also add that i love this blog! Its quirky and different, plus easy to follow and navigate around.You have a number of great sponsors and links that are all handy to know about :)
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks everyone! I’m really having fun with this one. It’s my pet project right now.

  8. Lovely to come across your blog. I like your creative way with veg but won’t it spoil the pattern when you start to eat it? I’ m off to read more of your posts to get more veggie ideas.

  9. This looks great I love the fresh colours of the shoots coming through contrasting against the soil. What an interesting idea planting them in such a pattern. Kale is such a nutritious food and it’s great to see people planting it themselves – I may have to look into growing some myself as it’s not the cheapest leaf in the supermarket

  10. Hi

    Love this! I just stumbled on your blog and your posts are great. You have such creative ideas; it kind of makes me want to start my own tiny plot. Also read about your children’s book coming out. What a great idea! I’ll be sure to check out your blog more often.