Autumn Tidy-Up Commences

I managed to get in half an hour in the garden today. I started to clear away some of the crops that were starting to look a bit straggly, like the Climbing French Beans and most of the Tomatoes (there are a few still left hanging on). But it was such a beautiful Autumn day that I couldn’t resist taking some photos too. Here is my Ghost Rider pumpkin. Last week it was green, this week it has turned orange. Just in time for Halloween!

Now that I’ve harvested all of my Grapes the vine has started to show its Autumn colour. Just the tips of the leaves are changing but I think we’re in for a pretty spectacular display from this one.

My Calendula is STILL producing flowers – I’m amazed. It has been flowering all Summer long. Just before I went on holiday I cut it back quite hard. When I came home it was covered in flowers again and it’s still going. Wow! If any cut flower is worth its place in the kitchen garden it’s this one.

The last, lonesome Apple is picked from my espalier. But boy will it taste good!

The whole time our cat, Candy, was lay dozing in the sun – ‘well thanks for your help girl, couldn’t have done it without ya!’.

2 Comments on “Autumn Tidy-Up Commences

  1. Whilst clearing up I have found the veg garden has lots and lots of ladybirds this year….is it only me or does everyone else agree?
    I am still harvesting a large quantity of beetroot and am not keen just to bottle up the excess in vineger. I found a fun website with info and recipes that I thought others might enjoy if they also grow this very healthy veg. Great photos, especially the cat!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you about calendula. I looked out the second story window late afternoon and saw the most vivid orange gleaming up from the back hillside bed. Now the blooms sit in a little rock vase on the granite counter top next to the kitchen sink. A last hurrah even though we’ve had frosts here. Will definitely collect seed to sow next spring from these beauties. I’ve posted a photo on my blog (which I haven’t been able to keep up lately). What variety are yours? Such a lovely yellow.