It’s My Birthday – Yey!

It’s my birthday today. This year it’s been quite a pink affair with lots of lovely presents that talk to the girl in me. Last year was positively ‘green’ in comparison. Funny that.

But I don’t mind. It’s nice to be spoiled once a year. I have been given such gorgeous gifts that I thought I’d share them with you, just in case they are your kind of thing too (sorry not much for the guys here).

So, starting clockwise from left to right here’s my pirate’s hoard of birthday goodness.

  • Set of Homemaker fruit bowls. I collect Homemaker pottery so anything to add to my collection makes my year!. You can pick up similar on eBay. Just search for Homemaker.
  • Charbonnel & Walker Drinking Chocolate. If you haven’t had a box of truffles from C&W you’re simply not treating yourself well enough. And drinking chocolate is like a box of chocolates that just keeps giving!
  • Cake Pops! – a book by one of my favourite cookery bloggers, Bakerella. Cakes on sticks, exactly what is there not to like. What I particularly like about Bakerella is that she’s an amateur cook, like me, and yet she manages to create these gorgeous cakes. Brilliant.
  • Handmade Home is a book by another favourite blogger of mine Soule Mama. It’s all about how to make simple crafts for your home and family. And is full of wonderful, homely ideas that make you want to snuggle up with your sewing box infront of the fire. Ideal.
  • I also got a book about flower arranging, pink notebook, some rosy lip gloss, two pairs of earrings and that beauty box essential, nail files with pictures of ice-cream on them. I’m not sure where to buy any of these but I love them all.

22 Comments on “It’s My Birthday – Yey!

  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    Sending a hug (((()))) and hope you have a great rest of the day and it does not include a drive to the RUH!!
    Love Emma xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Gill. What fun presents ..and the best is yet to come Love You!

  3. deserved, deserved, deserved !!! I must check before sending if I don’t want to be embarrassed ha ha
    M x

  4. Happy Birthday, I agree entirely about Charbonnel et Walker. And OMG – my mum had plates and bowls in that range back in the 1960’s when I was a kid!! That rolled back the years for a few minutes!

  5. Happy birthday!!
    Love the presents, thanks for sharing the Soule Mama…is a nice place I didn’t know I’ll became a fan.


  6. Happy Birthday Gill. Keep up the excellent work on the blog site!

  7. Happy Birthday.

    Just to say I love reading your blog and you have spured me on to set up my own blog – not on gardening so no competition (as if I could possibly be competition!)

    Have a great time.

  8. happy birthday x hope you’ve had a lovely weekend playing with all those great new pressies x

  9. Hi Siobhan – we don’t if the baby is a girl or a boy but judging by the colour of the presents I got…

  10. happy belated birthday, – mine was yesterday, and I got lots of girly things too, Jewellery, smellies and clothes, – although I’m sure i’ll have lots of gardening things for Christmas it was lovely to have some me things this time. – Hope the baby doesn’t turn up for a few days, or you’ll always be preparing for their birthday on yours.