Marvel of the Four Seasons


This is our first real harvest. We’ve had a few Spinach leaves but once the Lettuce start coming in, I consider the season to be well and truly underway. This is one of my Marvel of the Four Seasons lettuce. It was planted at the same time as the Rouge d’Hiver but is ready sooner.


I love the mottled colour of these Lettuce. This one has a somewhat upright habit, almost like a Cos lettuce whereas the ones I grew in the UK were softer and rounder. I wonder if the same variety grows differently in different climates or is the seed different. Anyway, the colour is the same and the taste too. Amazing!


It’s nice to have a little helper when it comes to harvest time too.

One Comment on “Marvel of the Four Seasons

  1. Beautiful lettuces!
    Lovely to have a sweet graden helper!
    Happy Gardening!
    Lea’s Menagerie