Staying Cheerful with Winter Lettuce & Chard

There’s not much left in the garden right now but there is a small corner, just in-front of the greenhouse door that is bursting with colour and looking quite good. It’s the Winter Density Lettuce and Chard. They are in the sunniest part of the garden so they are still getting a decent amount of […]

Winter Salad Garden

It’s time to clear away the Tomatoes in the greenhouse and start to think about using the raised bed for something else. When I took out the Tomatoes the bed was half empty of soil so I bought some new potting mix to build it back up again. Then I planted some Winter Density Lettuce […]

Never-ending Winter Lettuce

My Winter Density Lettuce are just coming into their own and it’s nearly the end of May! I’m so glad that I planted two varieties of winter Lettuce because the Winter Gem hearted up early and are now all gone but this variety is still going. After this harvest I’ll have three Lettuces left in […]

Thinning my Winter Lettuce

About three weeks ago I posted this photo of my coldframe brimming with over-Wintering Lettuce. Since then the Lettuce has continued to grow, albeit slowly. Today, I decided to thin out some of the Lettuce as they were getting a little crowded. So I took out about half the original number. This sadly means I […]