Make it Stop!

Can you believe that it’s still raining? Why won’t it stop? What have I done wrong? I promised to be good, didn’t anyone hear me? I’m not one to complain but this relentless rain is killing me (and many of my plants). This photo is typical of what is going on at mtp right now – not much. Every time I gather my tools and make a dash for the door, the heavens open and before you know it I’m sat on the sofa again cursing the rain clouds. My radish are inedible due to slug damage, my corn has been flattened by the downpour and my seed bed is awash with floating seedlings. I guess I’m lucky that my house isn’t under 2 feet of water, eh? In desperation I bought Sarah Raven’s new book in order to while away the hours!

9 Comments on “Make it Stop!

  1. What a wonderful photo, its about almost nothing and yet it says loads!

  2. I think today is the day. We had two consecutive days of sun last week, before it resorted back to the gloom and the rain. It’s been so humid, if it’s not the rain it’s the mosquitoes.

  3. I’m sorry it’s been so wet! Is there any benefit to all the rain?

  4. The courgettes seem to like the rain. I’ve just got in from picking the slugs off them in the rain, before it became too dark to see.

  5. I’m not up on the news, but Chris tells me there is a ton of flooding in England. How is it in Bath?

  6. Hi Kristin – Bath is not so bad – it’s just gloomy. I guess some plants like the rain but most of them are suffering due to lack of sunshine more than anything.

  7. We have seen many news stories of the devastating rain. Terrible! We just came back from Cheshire, where it rained the entire three weeks we were there…and when we arrived home we heard the rain had moved south and was causing even more damage.

    Hope you get some sun soon. BTW it hasn’t stopped raining in Austin since you were here for SXSW–very strange for us. We’ve had some flooding but not anything like the flooding in England this year.

    (Hey, I flew over Bath in a micro-light plane. From the air I though I made out allotment gardens. I’d forgotten that you live there…I would have waved.)

  8. MSS – wow you flew in a micro-light? How cool is that? I like to think it was mtp that you saw from there air – did you spot one with a diamond shape in the middle – that’s mine!