Week 18

With all the sunshine we’ve been having lately mtp has put on a growing spurt. Compare this picture to Week 15 – crazy huh? At the moment we are mostly harvesting lettuce (all types) potatoes (and boy are they good), raspberries, gooseberries (of course), spinach, courgettes and radish. The peas have been got at by the crows so we might be lucky if we have a handful left of those. We’re waiting on the cherry tomatoes and we’re hopeful for the cucumbers and aubergine. Strawberries came to nothing (next year maybe?) and the red and black currants are doing their thing but we haven’t harvested them yet. The battle of the bindweed is ongoing. There have been sustained casualties (on both sides) but good will win over evil and the final confrontation is just around the corner. And that’s the latest week-by-week update.

4 Comments on “Week 18

  1. Looking fabulous. ANd you’re harvesting such a lot! I’m impressed you have courgettes already. My first will probably be another day or two yet.

  2. Yes! They’re pumping them out like green is the new black. I like courgettes but not every night for tea. Any ideas on creative recipes?

  3. Well, I like them simple. I usually slice them pretty thickly and roast them in olove oil with chunks of red pepper and a load of crushed black pepper. 20mins max at a moderately high temp, so they should be hot and firm rather than soggy. Delish.

    But I also have an intriguing recipe in the Green and Black’s chocolate cookbook for a chocolate courgette cake. I’ve not tried it yet, but it sounds interesting. I think I saw someone post something similar in the recipe section on A4A a few months ago.

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