Gardener’s World Magazine

If anyone has this month’s issue of Gardener’s World magazine, turn to page 139 and you’ll see a letter from me! It’s all about my dad’s allotment and how I thought veg gardening was ‘soooooo like totally boring’ when I was a teenager but now I’m a grown-up I love it just like my dad did. I even got a ten-pound gardening gift voucher for my troubles. One thing though, they took my reference to mtp out of the signature (curses!). A great marketing plan, foiled by Adam Pascoe – damn those magazine editors and their wily ways.
Any suggestions on what I can buy with my voucher – ten pounds won’t stretch to a weeding assistant I think…

5 Comments on “Gardener’s World Magazine

  1. Well my TV appearance may take time to co-ordinate but I’m expecting the phone to ring any day now :0

  2. Very well done. If you need an agent then I am your man, reasonable rates. Well cheaper than Max Clifford.