New Toy

Ryan just bought me a new iBook (he must really love me or something). Obviously the best thing about it is that it’s shiny and new, and the apple lights up when you open the lid, and it’s got wi-fi so I can post to mtp while sunbathing in the garden (or even up at the plot which I haven’t tried yet but must do sometime soon…) But the ‘other thing’ that’s really cool about it is that it’s running Tiger which comes with the latest version of Safari (stay with me) and in Safari you can create your own webpage which will pull in the RSS feed from any given blog. So…. I have created a bookmark called ‘Gardening Blogs’ and attached all my favourite blogs (see links list) to the bookmark. So that when I click on the link I see a page with the latest posts from all those sites ‘on one page’! I can even sort by date so that it only shows me posts from today. Brillant – and ultimately very lazy – even brillianter!

9 Comments on “New Toy

  1. You lost me at the iBook bit!!! Is it anything like the dirty, pocket size, book (which I discreetly look at to see what I’m supposed to do if I can’t ‘page the oricle’ – also known as chat to George on site) I keep in my bits’n’bobs tray at my plot!! Have fun anyway!

  2. Wow! I can see my photo in the screenshot! Fantastic!

    Wish I could afford a laptop with wi-fi so I could post from wherever I liked.

  3. The thing is – I couldn’t afford one either which is why I had to talk nicely to Ryan ;) Wi-fi is cool though. I’ll never go back.

    Carolyn – Gardening Gurus are the salt of the earth. Mine is called Clive (another one).

  4. Wi-fi and Safari are the way forward. And allotments. And veg.

  5. oh dear and I thought I was special.

    There seems to be alot of us Apple and Allotment people about :-)


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