Ruby Chard in Chicago

We’re in Chicago (for both work and pleasure) and it’s a beautiful city. I think it may have become my favourite American city almost overnight. The parks are beautiful, the architecture is amazing, the pancakes are huge and the downtown area is littered with these little garden oasis. They are different for every street. Some have ornamental Cabbage, some chrysanthemums and pansy, while others, like this one I spotted on Michigan Avenue have gone for the tiny allotment look with this Ruby Chard. It makes a great colour splash in the wet weather. There are also pumpkins outside almost every front door, and ornamental gourds made into wreaths and candle holders (in one shop). It’s all very wintry and lovely! Now where are my pumpkin seeds?

1 Comments on “Ruby Chard in Chicago

  1. You certainly know how to take a cracking photo! The weather here has been as nice as it can be (although it doesnt really matter much to me……. ooops sorry) the sky is blue (nearly off again) and there are a few white clouds skudding across it. A really nice day – rain expected later. Have been to t’allotment and it’s faired pretty well in the rain and wind. Have un-netted the rasps for the birds and mice. Am sure they will like them. The garlic are approx 6 inches high and the japanese onions have popped their heads over the parapet. Muchos digging to do but as t’allotment is on the clay side of clarty am leaving it till its dried out a bit……perhaps next May? Have got onions seeds (bring on 26th Dec) and have cleared greenhouse this weekend. Have it to bubble wrap next weekend as have got some geraniums I want to keep for next year. The dahlias are staying in the ground as they survived last year without any problems – suffice to say that its meant to be a stonker of a winter (allegedly) so fingers crossed they will survive (walk out the door – just turn around now cos youre not welcome anymoooooore – I could say here I go again but thats another song Archie Vell and the Drells – what?) Sorry have got verbal diarrohea – safe journey back to blighty – take care.