Poly Tunnel

mtp is the proud owner of a brand new mini poly tunnel (£18.95 Organic Catelogue). It’s about three metres long so not massive but there’s plenty of room for my winter lettuce seedlings (Arctic King). A few days ago I dug in some rotted manure to the bed where the tunnel would be, erected the tunnel the day after to warm up the soil before transplanting four seedlings to the tunnel. They look really small and lost in there but I’m sure they’ll take hold before the brutal frosts come. Hopefully we’ll get at least 10 or 15 lettuce in there and be harvesting them by early next year. I’m not exactly sure what winter lettuce tastes like (just like normal lettuce maybe?). I hope it’s not all chewy because here at Carson Towers we like a lettuce or two.

5 Comments on “Poly Tunnel

  1. Can’t contain envy……*green*


    “Dear Santa, can I have a mini poly tunnel like the one down at MTP. I will be very good between now and Christmas.


  2. I know – isn’t it cool. The only problem now is filling it. I had some nice winter lettuce seedlings in the propagator but now they’ve decided they don’t like this cold weather much (hello – I said WINTER lettuce). So they’ve gone all stringy.

    So at the moment I have an enviable poly tunnel with only four things growing in it! Not exactly the bumper harvest I was aiming for :(

  3. I’m going to use mine to cover up broad bean and hardy pea seedlings. Have you got any broad beans you could put in there?

    I’ve also got some Chinese broccoli seedlings which are languishing a bit in the cold frame. If there’s room I’ll bung those in the polytunnel and hope they perk up in the spring time.

  4. hmm yes – I might take you up on that. I have already but broad beans in elsewhere on mtp but it can’t hurt to have some more :)