Autumn in the Veg Garden

I took a stroll around my garden this morning. It was freezing. I was shivering, the leaves were shivering and the cat, very sensibly, stayed indoors. There’s not much left in the garden, as you might expect. Most things have gone over and many of the permanent fruit bushes have lost their leaves. But… those […]

Autumn Tidy-Up Commences

I managed to get in half an hour in the garden today. I started to clear away some of the crops that were starting to look a bit straggly, like the Climbing French Beans and most of the Tomatoes (there are a few still left hanging on). But it was such a beautiful Autumn day […]

First Signs of Autumn – Winner

The scores are in and the winner of the latest Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn is Gaelen, with this gorgeous photo of Autumn Carrots. I love the colour, the shapes and the light. It’s what Autumn is all about in the kitchen garden. No doubt these little beauties will be good stored under some […]

Photo Mission: First Signs of Autumn

Here is your next photo mission. We’re looking for the first signs of Autumn in your garden. That could be some swelling Pumpkins like the one above. Some Autumn fruit like Apples, Grapes, Raspberries or late Blueberries that are still on the plant or in your harvest basket. Or some seeds that you’ve saved for […]

Blueberries Kick In To Autumn

Plants have a one-track mind. All they want to do is reproduce. Sometimes we forget this. But sometimes it’s so blatantly obvious that we can’t avoid it. Take my Blueberries for instance. These two plants are the same variety (Chandler), the same size, planted at the same time in the same sized pots, into the […]