Those Mini-Peppers Just Won’t Stay Down


This ‘has’ to be the last harvest of the Peppers. They have just been the troupers of the garden this year. And they all came from a lowly bag of mini-Peppers that I bought at Safeway. My little boy wanted to save the seed and plant them. I had low expectations and prepared him for the worst. But no, they wouldn’t take no for an answer. They grew, and they flowered, and they fruited and some of them even changed colour from green to yellow, to red! And boy are they sweet. Nope, you never can tell where your next best thing is going to come from. Turning my nose up at these seeds was my mistake. Not only are they free, but they’re the best we’ve grown yet!

The Tomato here is the very last of the greenhouse Toms. And the Lettuce is Winter Density with some Radicchio for flavour! Go Autumn.

3 Comments on “Those Mini-Peppers Just Won’t Stay Down

  1. I find its a hit and miss with saving seeds. Some work and others dont. Yet to work out how to tell them appart :)

  2. You can’t. I just threw a whole pack of Sunflower seeds away because not one germinated – and they were bought from the store. I always keep a note of what seeds don’t germinate so that I can remember to chuck em when it comes to seed sorting out time.

  3. Lovely story! Once I threw a few basil seeds at my backyard but I didn’t expect something to grow. Guess what? I ate basil the whole summer just because I had thrown away a few seeds at the garden. Keep going with the seeds! That’s the best way to plant vegetables. Regards!